The Letchworth Garden Shed is celebrating its landmark first six months.

This is a significant milestone for North Hertfordshire's' new 'library of things' - a community resource which loans out practical items rather than books.

The shed, a non-profit organisation run by volunteers, launched with a starting inventory of 120 items, sourced primarily from community members.

From cake tins to power tools - everything is available for a small fee.

The Comet: The exterior of the Letchworth Garden Shed.The exterior of the Letchworth Garden Shed. (Image: Joana Magalhaes)

Six months since opening on August 2, it has managed to grow its inventory to more than 400 items.

The project has exceeded all its objectives.

In these six months, the membership has grown to 351, vastly surpassing the estimated 210 members for the first year.

These members have been prolific borrowers, with 570 loans made - well above the forecasted 330 for this period.

The Comet: A wide range of tools can be borrowed from the Garden Shed.A wide range of tools can be borrowed from the Garden Shed. (Image: Joana Magalhaes)

Project organisers have calculated an impressive 10 tonnes of carbon savings by people borrowing, adhering to the shed's environmental ethos.

These savings are based on the sector's accepted formula which suggests borrowing rather than buying new, results in environmental benefits.

A volunteer at Letchworth Garden Shed said: "I’m convinced this will grow.

"It’s such an example of how we can do things better in the future, both for our fragile planet and reconnecting our community.

"It brings out the good and generosity in people, and renews my faith in my fellow humans. I’m so proud to be part of the team."

The Letchworth Garden Shed was founded by Letchworth locals believing in the power of shared resources.

The Comet: The Letchworth Garden Shed has exceeded expectations.The Letchworth Garden Shed has exceeded expectations. (Image: Joana Magalhaes)

Apart from lending items, the founders also intended to share know-how within the community.

Over the past six months, the shed has hosted six community events - ranging from repair days to workshops on specific topics requested by members, such as a Home Heating workshop asked for by new locals from Hong Kong known as HK Connect.

The future appears bright for the Letchworth Garden Shed.

Active community participation, increased membership, and the constant growth of donated items highlight the project's success within its first six months of operation.

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