Planning permission has been granted for an extension to the Aldi supermarket in Stevenage.

The extension will form a L-shaped wraparound, covering all of the western side of the store and half the northern side - away from Fairlands Way and towards Pets at Home.

The extension will generate 336sqm of gross internal floorspace.

On the eastern side, the entrance will be modernised and the trolley bay will be removed and replaced by a larger canopy.

The number of parking spaces at the store will remain unchanged.

In a report by a planning officer at Stevenage Borough Council, it says the extension will be constructed of similar materials to the existing building to "provide a cohesive appearance", and that full-height glazing will offer "a sleek, modern appearance".


The report continues: "The extension is considered to be in scale with the existing building and would have an acceptable appearance in terms of scale, massing and design. Therefore, it is not considered to harm the visual amenities of the area.

"There would be public benefits arising from the development in the form of an improved retail offer and improved layout and setting of the store."