Having "suffered a great ordeal" during the Post Office IT scandal, a Lower Stondon woman has been the subject of Parliamentary questions this week, raised by her MP.

Mrs Jasvinder Barang took over the Lower Stondon Post Office after the death of her husband, and was one of 93 convicted postmasters and mistresses to have their wrongful convictions overturned.

Mrs Barang was wrongfully convicted after an IT error made it seem as though money was missing from Post Office accounts.

She was one of the first to have their convictions overturned, with MP Sir Oliver Heald now pressing the case for "full and final compensation".

The Comet: Sir Oliver Heald MP speaking with Kevin Hollinrake MP.Sir Oliver Heald MP speaking with Kevin Hollinrake MP. (Image: Courtesy of Oliver Heald MP)

To this end, Sir Heald has met Post Office minister Kevin Hollinrake, and has attended meetings with postmasters and mistresses and relevant Select Committee hearings.

Sir Oliver Heald MP commented: "Mrs Barang suffered a great ordeal and was one of the first postmistresses to have her conviction overturned.


"Her family have suffered too. It is time she now received her full and final compensation settlement.

"I have raised this with the minister in person and by parliamentary questions and hope this will result in urgent action.

"I also support attempts to speed up justice for others and speedy compensation.”