Hertfordshire County Council has carried out an extra 20,000 pothole repairs after receiving funding from the UK Government.

New methods of pothole and road repair have been trialled by the local authority, after £3,9 million was received from the Government's Pothole Fund.

This follows the award of £87.8m in November for long-term repairs, and has led to double the number of pothole repairs than originally anticipated.

The Comet: Repairing a pothole using the JCB Pothole Pro.Repairing a pothole using the JCB Pothole Pro. (Image: Hertfordshire County Council)

According to Government figures, Hertfordshire’s roads are now in better condition than the national and regional average.

New pothole equipment and techniques include the JCB Pothole Pro, which can repair potholes faster and over a larger area.

The Roadmender - a technique that uses asphalt made from recycled tyres and Thermal Patching - has also been trialled.


Cllr Phil Bibby said: "We know that the condition of our roads matters to residents, and it matters to us too.

"That’s why we’re working hard to get our roads in the best possible condition for the Christmas getaway, and ahead of colder weather forecast for the new year.

The Comet: Repairing a pothole with thermal patchingRepairing a pothole with thermal patching (Image: Hertfordshire County Council)

“We’ve been working throughout the year to repair our roads after the damage of last winter and I’m really pleased that the Department for Transport figures show that we’re doing a good job, with better roads than most of the country.”