Hertfordshire police are warning people that there are currently a "high volume of thefts from person" occurring in Stevenage town centre.

This includes incidents like pickpocketing, stealing purses from bags, and distraction thefts, where one offender distracts a potential victim while another offender steals the item.

The items that are most commonly being stolen are wallets, purses and mobile phones. A police spokesperson said the thefts "are typically carried out by groups of offenders working together".

Herts police will be conducting additional patrols within the town centre, and have said that they will work with their partners "to improve safety for shoppers and reduce offending".


A police spokesperson asked members of the public to "be aware of people following, approaching or watching other people, particularly elderly or disabled members of the community" and to "always report incidences of suspicious behaviour to the police".

They gave the following advice to reduce the opportunities for thieves to steal:

  • Keep bags zipped up
  • Keep smaller items such as phones or wallets in your front pockets
  • Do not leave your phones, wallets or purses on shop counters, or anywhere else
  • Be aware of who is around you, and of anyone following you closely or trying to get close to you
  • Be cautious of approaching strangers who ask for the time, directions or money. This is a tactic commonly used by these offenders