Volunteers who helped clear rubbish from a pond in Stevenage on Saturday made some surprising finds. 

A group of Green Space Volunteers clearing rubbish from Chells Manor Pond found fence rails and posts, chairs, plastic pipes and even a car bumper!

They also found two pumpkins and collected two bags full of bottles.

A spokesperson for Stevenage Borough Council said: "We'd like to say a big thank you to our Green Space Volunteers, who helped to clear rubbish from Chells Manor Pond on Saturday."

The Comet: Green Space Volunteers helped clear Chells Manor Pond.Green Space Volunteers helped clear Chells Manor Pond. (Image: Stevenage Borough Council)


Green Space Volunteers help to undertake improvement works to community green spaces in Stevenage, including parks, woodlands and ponds.

Work may include woodland maintenance and coppicing, bulb planting, ecological surveys, improvements to ponds and the installation of bird and bat boxes.

To find out more about becoming a Green Space Volunteer, visit stevenage.gov.uk/leisure-culture-and-wellbeing/parks-and-open-spaces/green-space-volunteers.