A collection of Pokémon cards could fetch thousands at auction after gathering dust in a childhood bedroom for years.

Martin Rixon, 29, from Barton-le-Clay, hung on to around 300 Japanese trading card games he collected when he was around eight years old, which will now be auctioned off at Hanson Ross in Royston.

As well as Pokémon, Martin also collected Yu-Gi-Oh! and Digimon cards.

The Comet: Martin Rixon with his dog KobiMartin Rixon with his dog Kobi (Image: Hanson Ross)

Martin's dad, Neil, took the collection to Hanson Ross to find out what the cards might be worth. If estimates are correct, the cards could be sold under the hammer for nearly £5,000.

Hanson Ross valuer Miles Wheeler estimated the Pokémon cards, which include some rarities, will go for between £2,000 and £4,000.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! cards could bring in between £200 and £400, and the Digimon cards between £40 and £60.

The Comet: Charizard, from Martin's Pokémon collectionCharizard, from Martin's Pokémon collection (Image: Hanson Ross)

Martin's collection of Mad Max toys, Top Trumps and Dragons could also be sold for between £200 and £400.

Amanda Butler, director of operations at Hanson Ross, said: "There promises to be quite a return for items bought for fun in childhood, the sort of stuff many people throw away.

“Luckily Martin was wise enough to look after his cards and realised they could be valuable. It’s amazing to think something tucked way in a bedroom for 21 years can net that sort of return now.

The Comet: Miles Wheeler, Amanda Butler and Charles Hanson from Hanson RossMiles Wheeler, Amanda Butler and Charles Hanson from Hanson Ross (Image: Hanson Ross)

“We were delighted when his dad brought the collection along to our Royston saleroom for valuation because Pokémon and rare vintage Japanese cards and gaming items are sought after at auction.

"It’s a burgeoning market sector that’s grown massively in recent years, fuelled by a global army of nostalgic fans.


"Pokémon sparked a major card craze in the late 1990s and collections like this are probably gathering dust in many homes.

"If you have grown-up children in their 20s it might be worth checking their old bedrooms to make sure there aren’t any forgotten treasures from childhood tucked away in the wardrobe or under the bed.

"You never know, you just might be sitting on an auction windfall."

The trading card collection will be offered in the Hanson Ross Auction on Friday, November 17.