National Curry Week takes place this month, as the UK honours one of its favourite dishes, but where are the best Indian restaurants in Hertfordshire?

Started back in 1998 by journalist Peter Grove, National Curry Week is now in its 25th year and continues to support restaurants around the country.

We've put together a list of the top 10 Indian restaurants in Hertfordshire, according to Tripadvisor ratings.

1. Tamarind - Potters Bar (5 out of 5 from 348 reviews)

With 314 excellent reviews and Potters Bar's best rated restaurant on Tripadvisor, Tamarind is clearly very popular due to the incredible cuisine it offers.

The Comet: Tamarind in Potters Bar.Tamarind in Potters Bar. (Image: Google Maps)

One customer enjoyed it so much they "hadn't even left the restaurant" and were already writing the review, describing the food as "delicious, perfectly spiced & fresh".

Plenty agreed that it was the best Indian restuarant they had ever been to, while the staff also received praised for their excellent service.

2. Amrit Indian Restaurant - St Albans (5 out of 5 from 301 reviews)

Described by one customer as a "lovely restaurant, with great food and amazing service", 266 others agreed by leaving excellent reviews.

The Comet: Amrit in St Albans.Amrit in St Albans. (Image: Google Maps)

Among the reviews, one said "everything about this place is amazing", while plenty praised Amrit's onion bhajis and the service provided by a waiter named Aby.

One customer said: "The food was phenomenal and service was so attentive. Our waiter Aby recommended the perfect dish in line with what we said we liked."

3. Dalchini - Hemel Hempstead (5 out of 5 from 101 reviews)

Another waiter who has received plenty of praise is Jay at Dalchini's in Hemel Hempstead, with the restauranted rated 5 out of 5, with 93 excellent reviews.

The Comet: Dalchini in Hemel Hempstead.Dalchini in Hemel Hempstead. (Image: Google Maps)

"The food was delicious, service was great, our waiter Jay was super friendly. This place is so clean and the staff cannot do enough for you," said one customer.

Another customer, who was visiting Hemel Hempstead, said the restaurant was so good, they "ate there two nights in a row".

4. Samrat - St Albans (5 out of 5 from 98 reviews)

The restaurant rebranded earlier this year, and remains as popular as ever with 87 excellent reviews.

The Comet: Samrat in St Albans.Samrat in St Albans. (Image: Pearce Bates)

One customer said they were "blown away by the quality of the cooking", and would "not be going anywhere else in St Albans for Indian food".

The food earned plenty of praise from other punters, with one saying they have "never been disappointed", while another added that it was "superb".

5. Cha and Nasta - St Albans (5 out of 5 from 19 reviews)

With just 19 reviews, one customer's description of Cha and Nasta as a "must-try hidden gem in St Albans" sounds apt.

The Comet: Cha and Nasta in St Albans.Cha and Nasta in St Albans. (Image: Google Maps)

Offering Bangladeshi street food rather than Indian, one review said "the food is absolutely delicious and the service is friendly and warm", while another claimed it is "always delicious".

The setting was popular too, with customers seemingly enjoying the "amazing hidden courtyard".

6. The Lancer Indian Cuisine - Baldock (4.5 out of 5 from 392 reviews)

The number one ranked restaurant in Baldock on Tripadvisor, The Lancer has 297 excellent reviews.

The Comet: The Lancer in Baldock.The Lancer in Baldock. (Image: Google Maps)

The food and service has been described as "top tier" and "top notch" by customers, as well as being "great value".

And according to one diner, it's the "best Indian restaurant in Hertfordshire", which is high praise indeed.

7. The Alban - St Albans (4.5 out of 5 from 355 reviews)

The Alban is a much-loved spot in the city, described as "second to none" and the "best curry ever" by customers.

The Comet: The Alban in St Albans.The Alban in St Albans. (Image: Google Maps)

Ranking fifth on Tripadvisor for 215 restaurants in St Albans, it has 282 excellent reviews.

One diner said: "Hands down the best Indian in St Albans and the staff are ever so welcoming. Would recommend to everyone and anyone."

8. Marina Spice Lounge - Hemel Hempstead (4.5 out of 5 from 690 reviews)

508 excellent reviews tell you just how good the Marina Spice Lounge is.

One customer, who said they have a monthly gathering at the restaurant, called it "exceptional", while another called it "superb".

Waiter Bobby also earned plenty of praise, with a diner calling him "a humorous waiter that kept us laughing and enjoying our experience".

9. Sarakh - Harpenden (4.5 out of 5 from 437 reviews)

The number one restaurant in Harpenden, according to Tripadvisor, with one user calling it "the best Indian food I have experienced outside of India".

The Comet: Sarakh in Harpenden.Sarakh in Harpenden. (Image: Google Maps)

Others heaped praise on Sarakh too, with another customer saying "this place can’t be beaten for food quality and variety".

Those were just two of the 368 excellent reviews the restaurant has received.

10. Sitar - Hemel Hempstead (4.5 out of 5 from 765 reviews)

Sitar is the "best curry house in Hemel by a country mile", according to one customer, with 596 others posting excellent reviews.

The Comet: Sitar in Hemel Hempstead.Sitar in Hemel Hempstead. (Image: Google Maps)

Plenty of diners rated it "10/10", while one reviewer revealed they complete a "30-mile round-trip for the delicious food".

The staff also received praise, with one customer saying "nothing was too much trouble" for them.