A new cocktail bar promising "experience and energy" is set to open in Hitchin later this month.

Bridgetown Monroe is due to open on October 21 in part of the former Hawkins building in Bucklersbury.

Owner Chris Dodd describes it as "the perfect location".

He explained: "Bridgetown Monroe started off as a mobile bar travelling the country. We rocked up in a 1970 Chevy pickup truck and had the flatbed converted into a rum bar. 

The Comet: Bridgetown Monroe began as a mobile cocktail bar.Bridgetown Monroe began as a mobile cocktail bar. (Image: Courtesy of Chris Dodd)


"In 2020, I decided to fulfil my dream and open a bricks and mortar bar.

"Fast forward three turbulent years of delays due to Covid and the restrictions on the building because it is heritage, and I am opening."

Bridgetown Monroe specialises in rum because it is Chris's go-to drink, and because "the versatility of rum is incredible," he said.

The bar will have more than 30 specialist brands of rum from across the globe, "mixed into beautifully crafted cocktails," Chris said.

He continued: "I come with a wealth of knowledge on the spirit, so I will always recommend and tailor the rum to the person and cocktail."


Chris says there will also be "a very strong selection" of non rum cocktails, as well as Forest Road IPA and lager on draft.

The bar will be open from 11am Wednesday to Sunday, with late night closing on Fridays and Saturdays. 

The Comet: Bridgetown Monroe is set to open on October 21.Bridgetown Monroe is set to open on October 21. (Image: Courtesy of Chris Dodd)

"The vibe is to be transported into a relaxing, dimly lit, tropical destination, with soft house and country playing in the background," Chris explained.

Coffee brewed inside The Mount prison in Bovingdon will also be served.

Chris, a former prison officer, explained: "Redemption coffee gives the opportunity for reforming prisoners to learn a skill. When they are released, they work directly with Redemption coffee shops in central London. 

"The quality of the coffee is exquisite."


DJ nights, special events and rum masterclasses will be held, in a bar "full of experience and energy," Chris promised.

He said: "Bridgetown Monroe is all about the cocktails. We craft them, serve them in beautiful glassware and only use the best ingredients.

"We feel Hitchin really needs a place like ours. It caters for the customer who really appreciates a well crafted drink, at an affordable price, without the trek into London to experience it."