A new initiative in Stevenage, established to help "relieve some of the food poverty" in the town, offers free food on a weekly basis to people in need.

Supported by the Kaotic Angels - a motorcycle club that provides support to the community - volunteers collect unwanted food from supermarkets, including Tesco, Sainsbury's and Waitrose. Then, every Saturday from 10am, a food station is set up at Longmeadow Evangelical Church in Oaks Cross, for people to come and take what they need.

"This is food that can no longer be kept on the shelves, mainly best before," explained Pip Harvey, Kaotic Angels' Food Angels' manager. "All the food we provide would be otherwise thrown away if we didn't rescue it. It is all in perfect condition.


"Our project's main concern is to rescue food and relieve some of the food poverty within Stevenage. Donation buckets are available, but a donation is not compulsory. We do not judge anyone and we do not means test.

"Our aim in the future is to involve schools and have more food stations within Stevenage, all working on eliminating the majority of food poverty. All donations received will go towards setting up and maintaining these."