A number of pubs and bars across Hertfordshire have closed down over the years, leaving fond memories for those who visited them.

Despite being unable to take one last drink in the bars in which many memories have been made, we thought we’d put together a list of the pubs that the county no longer possesses.


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Here’s our list of pubs and bars that Hertfordshire has lost over the years:

1. The Colombia Press, Watford

The Comet: The Columbia Press closed its doors earlier this year.The Columbia Press closed its doors earlier this year.

The Colombia Press was once a Wetherspoons outlet, which closed its doors earlier this year.

The "commercial decision" meant that the pub, which had a 3.5 star rating on TripAdvisor, shut its doors for good.

One reviewer, refresher007, commented in 2022: "The staff were excellent - could not do enough for you!

"The food was of a decent quality and competitively priced.

"Good atmosphere and great location."

2. Long Arm Short Arm, Lemsford

The Comet: The Long Arm Short Arm also closed its doors earlier this year.The Long Arm Short Arm also closed its doors earlier this year. (Image: Google Maps)

The Long Arm Short Arm, near Welwyn Garden City, also closed its doors earlier this year.

The pub has since been purchased by home development company, Griggs Homes.

The economic climate was cited as a reason for the establishment's closure, with McMullen & Sons also selling The Crown in Waltham Abbey at the time.

Griggs Homes said: "We are delighted to announce that we have acquired the former Long Arm Short Arm pub in Lemsford, Welwyn Garden City.

"We purchased the site off-market and on an unconditional basis."

3. Club Batchwood, St Albans

The Comet: Batchwood Hall had been a nightclub since the 1970s.Batchwood Hall had been a nightclub since the 1970s.

Having been a nightclub since the 1970s, Club Batchwood's lease for Batchwood Hall ran out in 2021.

The location was built in 1874 for Edmund Beckett, and was used as a private estate until St Albans City & District Council purchased the building in 1935.

The hall was most recently used as a vaccination centre to support the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

4. Bedtime Beers, Welwyn Garden City

The Comet: Bedtime Beers closed just a year after opening.Bedtime Beers closed just a year after opening. (Image: Bedtime Beers)

Earlier this month (September 2023), Bedtime Beers announced its closure.

Caribbean food business, Soca Kitchen, which served food from the same unit, also closed down at the time.

A statement released on Facebook read: "Unfortunately Bedtime Beers has had to close its doors.

"We are absolutely gutted, and are taking time to process this.

"I would like to thank everyone that came through our doors and helped me try to realise my dream.

"I hope we provided you with a fun and safe place to be, supplied good enough beers, and helped fill your bellies."

5. Chicago's, Stevenage

The Comet: Chicago's was replaced by Bar & Beyond.Chicago's was replaced by Bar & Beyond. (Image: Archant)

In 2016, Chicago's in Stevenage closed its doors and relaunched as Bar & Beyond.

The second iteration of the Deltic-owned club aimed to provide a more upmarket feel, with a bar and food room as well as a nightclub.

It even boasted the title of ‘Biggest Nightclub Stevenage has ever Homed’ for a time.

Bar & Beyond also shut its doors for good, this time in Summer 2020.