Post 16 and Year 11 students at St Francis' College in Letchworth have been full of excitement this week as they were welcomed into their new Sixth Form centre by their head girl Ella.

There were celebrations all around at the beginning of this week as Ella cut the ribbon at the opening before students could explore their new haven which they helped to design.

Ruth Scott, the college’s head of Sixth Form said: “This environment demonstrates our high academic expectations of students, but also our care and support. I am sure students will be excited to use the spaces we have created.”  

The Zen-like design of the centre has been described as a fresh and bold approach, which has seen the expansion of the college’s Sixth Form and includes a new common room and café, classrooms, quiet study area and social spaces.

The Comet: Ruth Scott, head of Sixth Form at St Francis' CollegeRuth Scott, head of Sixth Form at St Francis' College (Image: Courtesy of St Francis' College)

Students were consulted at every step of the refurbishment process.

Head of the college, James Nichols commented: “This exciting development is part of our programme of modernisation of our teaching spaces in response to more demand for places at St Francis’.

"It’s a fantastic place for students to work, collaborate and socialise as they progress through Sixth Form and prepare for university.”

The new space has been developed after the restructuring and repurposing of the existing Sixth Form Centre.

Supporting neurodiversity and using research into nature and education have been two central driving themes in the design, which also includes an outdoor Zen Roof Garden.

Every detail of the Sixth Form Centre, including the furniture, lighting and flooring, all have a purpose, with the aim of creating an inclusive learning space that prepares students for university.