Residents of a Letchworth street were evacuated yesterday (Thursday, August 24) after a fire broke out.

Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service was called at 11.25am to reports of a fire in the front garden of a house in Hallmead in Letchworth.

Six fire engines were sent to the scene, where crews found a fire in the front garden of a terraced house that was affecting the front of the house. Herts police also attended.

The fire had spread to the house's mains gas intake, and, according to Herts police, "a number of occupants of nearby addresses were evacuated". This was to enable Cadent Gas to shut off the gas supply to the house.

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Firefighters worked to prevent the fire spreading until the gas supply was shut off, after which they were able to tackle and extinguish the fire.

A spokesperson for Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said that the fire is believed to have started accidentally.

The incident also led to road closures, with all of Hallmead and sections of Mullway closed to traffic between 11.30am and 4.13pm on Thursday, August 24.