Davies Veterinary Specialists in Hitchin have been helping a 12-year-old whippet in a three-year battle against her own immune system.

Family pet Margaux was diagnosed with immune mediated polyarthritis in July 2020, and has been treated at the Linnaeus-owned veterinary hospital ever since.

Small animal specialist Katherine Clarke, who has led Margaux's care, said: "IMPA is a disease where the immune system attacks the synovial joints in the body causing inflammation and pain.

"It is treated by suppressing the immune system which is initially achieved by using high doses of steroid.

"Margaux responded very well and we actually achieved disease remission, allowing us to gradually taper down the dosage over multiple months."


Sadly Margaux experienced a relapse in June 2021, and will likely need to remain on medication for the rest of her life to avoid a relapse.

Her long-term steroid use has led to muscle wastage, so Davies' physiotherapist Diane Messum gave her exercises to help rebuild her muscle.

Margaux's owner Sam Levy said it had been a traumatic time and that Margaux was "doing well" to keep the disease at bay.

He added: "Everyone at Davies, but especially Katherine Clarke, have been exceptional throughout and the care for Margaux has been outstanding."