Conditions have been imposed on a former Lister Hospital's anaesthetist who self-administered drugs while on duty.

Dr Oliver Turner was working as a specialty registrar at the Stevenage-based hospital when the misconduct took place in 2019.

The tribunal, held on July 17, heard that Dr Turner had self-referred to the General Medical Council on February 11, 2020, but found he had been dishonest in concealing his actions.

It also found that his "fitness to practise to be impaired due to misconduct" and "his misconduct was inextricably linked" to the use of the drugs.

"The Tribunal considered the risk of harm to have been exacerbated by five occasions of self-administration, and his continuing to provide medical care to patients, including on the Critical Care Unit," the report continued.

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Conditions lasting 12 months, which meant Dr Turner would be monitored by the General Medical Council, were imposed at a tribunal in May 2022, and these were extended for a further 12 months at the July hearing.

The former Lister employee left the the hospital in August 2020, switching to a career as a GP, working as a trainee at a post in Cambridge, which is due to finish this summer.

Miss Gillian Temple-Bone, who chaired the hearing, said the conditions would allow Dr Turner to "demonstrate progress, and successfully transition into a new GP workplace with good prospects of employment".

The tribunal also heard that his training had been interrupted in July 2022, when he left an "abusive answerphone message for an associate dean" which led to a disciplinarary investigation.

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After missing months of work, he made a formal apology and resumed training in December that year.

"I am satisfied that the proposed conditions would be proportionate and sufficient to 
protect the public and the public interest," concluded Miss Temple-Bone. 

"I have therefore determined to extend the existing conditions to Dr Turner’s registration for a further period of 12 months from August 23, 2023."

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