Lordship Farm Primary School in Letchworth is turning 50 this year, with staff and members of the PTA hosting a celebratory event on Saturday, July 8.

All current and former pupils, staff and parents are invited to take a walk down memory lane by touring the school, watching pupil performances, enjoying a cake sale, eating hot dogs from the barbecue, and listening to live music from local artist Max Ryan.

To support the event, staff and the PTA at the school are looking for any ex-pupils with old photographs, work samples, funny stories or other memories that they would be willing to share at the event.

Lordship Farm Primary School opened in 1973 as a county co-educational school, with four open plan classrooms housing up to 210 pupils.

It has expanded over the years, with the voluntary aided nursery - first opened by then-education minister Margaret Thatcher in 1974 - becoming part of the school in 1997, new classrooms being added in 2000 and 2002, and a new foundation stage building constructed in 2013 to host a further 60 pupils.

Today, Lordship Farm has capacity for 450 pupils aged three-11.

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Throughout its history, the school has only had four headteachers - John Perkins served from 1973-95, Peter Gregory from 1995-2007, Ben Parry from 2007-21, and Julie Petitt from 2021 onwards.

Lordship Farm's 50th birthday celebrations will be held on Saturday, July 8 between 2pm and 5pm.

The Comet: People can send in their memories of Lordship Farm by scanning this QR code.People can send in their memories of Lordship Farm by scanning this QR code. (Image: Lordship Farm Primary School)

To find out more, register an interest in coming along for a tour, or share an anecdote, photos or a memory about your time at the school scan the QR code above or email admin@lordshipfarm.herts.sch.uk using a subject title of Lordship50.