North Road in Stevenage will close soon for 38 weeks so that new segregated cycle lanes can be constructed as part of a Hertfordshire County Council scheme.

During the closure, a number of pedestrian crossings will be installed as well as the two-way cycle lanes.

Road closure details

From Monday, June 12 until an expected completion date in February 2024, road closures will be phased along North Road.

Throughout the period, no through traffic will be possible except during a Christmas break from late November until early January 2024.

The works will be carried out by Ringway and progress in phases, starting at the southern end of North Road (closest to the Old Town) and moving northwards.

Access to homes and businesses will be maintained at all times, either from the north or the south, though residents vehicles may at times have to wait to be guided to or from their properties by construction workers.

The phases and their locations are as follows:

  • A602 Lytton Way to Franklin's Road, June 12 until late July
  • Franklin's Road to Burymead, late July until early September
  • Burymead to Whitney Drive, early September until mid-October
  • Whitney Drive to Tudor Close, mid-October until mid-November
  • Tudor Close to Marquis of Granby car park, mid-November until late November
  • Marquis of Granby car park to Chancellors Road, early January 2024 until mid-February

All main works will be completed during the day, between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and between 8am and 1pm on Saturdays.

Carriageway resurfacing will be completed overnight with no vehicle access through the construction areas, with dates to be confirmed.

Throughout the works, diversions will be in place via the B197 and A602.

Buses will not serve the bus stops on North Road, and divert via Coreys Mill and the A602. Passengers who usually embark at Burymead or Franklin's Road are asked to use bus stops at Lister Hospital or the Mulberry Tree, in the Old Town.

Pedestrians will continue to be able to walk along North Road, though there may be some short-term diversions.

What changes are being made?

The biggest change will be the construction of a two-way, segregated cycle lane on the eastern side of North Road between Coreys Mill Lane and the A602 Lytton Way gyratory (where North Road meets the High Street). Cyclists and pedestrians will have priority over adjoining side roads, and the cycle route will bypass bus stops.

The Comet: An artist's impression of the junction of North Road and Franklin's Road, as it will look after the works are concluded.An artist's impression of the junction of North Road and Franklin's Road, as it will look after the works are concluded. (Image: Hertfordshire County Council)

A number of crossings will be installed. These included two parallel crossings, for pedestrians and cyclists, one over Coreys Mill Lane and the other over North Road near Rectory Lane.

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There will be new zebra crossings for pedestrians near Whitney Drive, Burymead, and Franklin's Road, plus a new signalised crossing for both pedestrians and cyclists near the A602 Lytton Way gyratory.

Other improvements for pedestrians include the widening of the path near Burymead, and the installation of a new footway over the verge by Franklin's Road.

New parking restrictions will be implemented, and a removal of existing spaces. Additional double yellow lanes will be introduced throughout the route, and six spaces will be removed between Coreys Mill Lane and Rectory Road. Two new inset parking bays will be installed near Burymead.

What do people think about the changes?

Residents' views on the scheme have been gleaned from an 'engagement exercise' and a formal consultation, both held in 2021.

In the consultation, 115 out of 188 participants (61 per cent) answered 'strongly agree' or 'tend to agree' when asked if they supported the improvements for pedestrians.

Support for the segregated two-way cycle lane was lower, with 49 per cent of respondents answering 'strongly agree' or 'tend to agree', and 46 per cent answering 'strongly disagree' or 'tend to disagree'.

The changes are being funded by awards to Herts County Council from the government's Active Travel Fund, with £6.4m granted in 2020 and a further £2.6m in 2022.