Hitchin's growing street food scene got even bigger on Monday when Plan Burrito opened, but just how good is their award-winning Mexican food? Our reporter Dan Mountney went to find out.

I've lived in Hitchin all my life, and Sun Street looked much the same in all that time, so seeing something different on the historic road is a little strange.

But, the addition of another street food and Mexican food spot is certainly welcome, and I knew I had to give Plan Burrito a go.

Housed in the unit formerly occupied by the Bella Vita Hotel and Restaurant, the space is cosy but with plenty of modern chic.

The Comet: Plan Burrito has taken up residency on Sun Street.Plan Burrito has taken up residency on Sun Street. (Image: Plan Burrito)

Before we even get into the food, I have to give a massive shoutout to Alex, who has been with the company since they started in Loughborough in 2015, and is in Hitchin to train staff as Plan Burrito's rapid expansion continues.

He spent the first 10 or so minutes while we waited for our food chatting to us about the business, the first few days in Hitchin and how delightful the town was.

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He even taught us the best way to wrap a burrito, which was greatly appreciated as the mess when we make them at home is horrific.

Alex will be moving on in the next few weeks as Plan Burrito continues its expansion across the country, but he really is a credit to the business and we can't praise him enough, having genuinely provided the best customer service we've ever experienced.

The food

Now, what you're here for. How good is the food.

I went for a Really Big Burrito with caramel smashed beef, lettuce, cheese, refried beans, Mexican rice, sour cream, chipotle southwest sauce and guacamole, which came to £11.50.

While that might seem steep, it was absoultely jam-packed with filling and you easily get your money's worth, especially when you get a regular Chicken Tinga burrito and everything in it, like my better half did.

You go to plenty of places and get a 'big burrito' and they just look a bit disappointing, or nowhere near as big as you were hoping for, but not at Plan Burrito.

And they taste superb too. Packed with plenty of flavour, the caramel smashed beef - which is something I'd honestly never heard of before - was juicy but also had a really pleasant sweet taste that complement the other flavours really well.

Certainly a good start with the burrito, but what about nachos, that we got topped with beef brisket?

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Well there's some pros and cons.

One of the pros is the packaging. The sour cream, salsa and guacamole are kept in the separate compartment to the nachos, stopping them going really soggy which is great if you're getting takeaway.

A con has to be the sauces themselves though. They were nice in the burrito and the gucamole was good, but the sour cream and salsa seemed a bit watery.

Another pro was easily the beef which was packed with flavour and melted in your mouth, and while I initially questioned the use of American-style cheese on the nachos, it really worked.

But, unlike the burrito, I'm not sure if the nachos represent great value. Without a topping, the chips with cheese and sauce cost £6. Add a meat and you're looking at £9. For the amount you get, I think that's a bit too pricey.

We did get some churros to finish with, and they tasted great, with the chocolate dipping sauce nice and thick, unlike the usually runny rubbish you can get with them. And at £4.50 for 6, that's a pretty good deal.

Should I try Plan Burrito?

To answer that question in one word: Absolutely.

The food is good, decently priced and you get your money's worth, while the service is pretty quick too.

Alex told me the business is set up to operate in a "Subway style", with customers coming to the counter, placing their order, which is then made in front of them with quick and efficient service.

I can confirm they certainly achieve that.

They will face competition from the much-loved Cantina Carnitas, which was previously Hitchin's only Mexican food spot, but they can certainly both operate together without toes being trodden on.

The Comet: Here's what Dan thought of Plan Burrito.Here's what Dan thought of Plan Burrito. (Image: Newsquest)

Plan is certainly more of a quick takeaway place that still tastes great, while Cantina's is the spot for a nice sitdown meal that might take a little bit longer, but is absolutely worth the wait.

What I am certain of is that Hitchin is lucky to have both of them and I can't wait to see them thrive together.

In conclusion, Plan Burrito is a great addition to the Hitchin street food scene and you really should go and check them out.