A supermarket giant has stepped in to offer a Lidl help after an ice cream shop in Hitchin and Letchworth was asked to rename one of its new flavours by M&S.

Fabio Vincenti, who runs Fabio's Gelato with his wife Hannah, recently launched a flavour based on M&S's popular Percy Pig sweets.

But when the retail chain picked up on this, Fabio said they sent him a "polite and fair" letter asking him not to use the 'Percy Pig' name.

The Comet: The ice cream M&S asked Fabio to rename.The ice cream M&S asked Fabio to rename. (Image: Fabio's Gelato)

"We hope you understand how important it is for us to protect our brand," the letter says, adding that Fabio can continue to use his new flavour - just not the trademarked name.

Today (Tuesday), Lidl has written to Fabio about his "piggy pickle" and said: "We wanted to reach out with a 'Lidl' inspiration for your next flavour, courtesy of our very own Henry Hippos".


Sending lots of Henry Hippo sweets to make "gelato magic with", Lidl said it would "be simply honoured" if Fabio were to name the new flavour "Henry Hippo ice cream", signing off with "what a squeal!"

The Comet: Fabio's Gelato in Hitchin and Letchworth came to the attention of M&S last week.Fabio's Gelato in Hitchin and Letchworth came to the attention of M&S last week. (Image: Fabio's Gelato)

A surprised Fabio said: "Wow! A huge thankyou to Lidl. We can now call our piggy gelato 'Henry Hippo'. What an amazing letter to receive.

"We can now make a bumper load of delicious Henry Hippo gelato thanks to all the goodies they sent.

"We hope everyone who's come in to try the flavour has enjoyed it as much as we have."