With North Herts voters heading to the polls today, what can we expect when the results are revealed tomorrow?

As it stands, no party has overall control of the council. It is run by a joint  Liberal Democrat and Labour administration, with Labour's Cllr Elizabeth Dennis-Harburg at the helm as leader.

Currently, the the council consists of 19 Conservative, 17 Labour and 13 Liberal Democrat members.

The district council has 49 seats, with around a third up for election. 

There are 16 seats in 16 wards up for election, with a total of 67 candidates.

Any one party needs 25 seats to gain overall control.

The Comet: Current council make up and how many seats are up for electionCurrent council make up and how many seats are up for election (Image: Infogram)

We will be reporting the results as they come in live from the count at North Herts Leisure Centre.

Counting will commence at 9am tomorrow morning.

In Stevenage, the verification and counting will take place from when the polls close at 10pm tonight.

Reporter Chris Day will be reporting live as the results come in. Follow his live blog at thecomet.net, or on Twitter @ChrisDay96 for full coverage.