Residents across Hertfordshire could be hit with a price hike after Transport for London (TfL) revealed plans to scrap day travelcards for visitors travelling into London, in a bid that could see millions of pounds clawed back.

This comes after plans were previously announced to expand the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) right up to the borders of the home counties including Hertfordshire.

The proposed plans were revealed on Tuesday, April 18, and a public consultation is now live and will run until Tuesday, May 23. 

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It will see an end to day travelcards, including those added to National Rail tickets for people travelling from outside the Oyster zone.

If the plans are passed, commuters from Hertfordshire will be required to pay for the National Rail fare into London and they will have to switch to contactless or Oyster card payments, where they would be subject to daily capping to continue their journey on the Underground, trams, buses, and other transport.


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TfL has claimed it is a mayoral decision that requires six months’ notice to the transport secretary.

It added that conditions attached to funding deals with the government mean the body has to find new sources of revenue.