Letchworth Educational Settlement and Herts Visual Arts (HVA) have teamed up to promote the creative community in North Herts.

The collaboration brings together the more than 300 artists and craftspeople at HVA, with the settlement's teaching facilities and learning centre - bringing a range of new courses to the settlement and giving HVA members a chance to grow their skills and income through teaching.

To start off the partnership, the settlement ran an Easter school from April 1 to 6 comprising of 15 workshops, nearly half of which were run by HVA artists.

The programme introduced new crafts to the settlement, including willow weaving and linocut printing.


Nick Skinner, manager of Letchworth Educational Supplement, said: "Any education centre is only as good as its teachers – and through HVA and its talented membership we can source new tutors, offer new subjects to study, and offer artists a second income stream through teaching."

HVA and the settlement will also join forces to promote Hertfordshire's artistic talent, exhibitions and creative learning.

HVA North Herts coordinator Val Lawson said: "We complement each other in what we do, and by working together we can promote and encourage the incredible creative talent we have in Hertfordshire more effectively."