Two words have caught on over the last few days: Stevenage Woman. No, it's not the latest superhero coming to a cinema screen near you, but a possible Labour ploy to win the next general election.

Labour Together, a thinktank, has published a report detailing what Labour needs to do to win the election, which is likely to be held next year.

The report portrays two groups of voters as key to winning the election.

They are the Patriotic Left (or 'Workington Man') and the Disillusioned Suburbans (or 'Stevenage Woman'), with the latter being the most important - "she, above all others, holds the keys to Downing Street".

So, what is 'Stevenage Woman'?

According to Labour Together, Stevenage Woman:

  • Is a mum in her early 40s, bringing up two kids
  • Is hard-working but struggling to get by
  • Feels that national politics makes little difference to her life and her town
  • Is comfortable with immigration and "thinks immigrants have benefitted Britain economically and culturally", but doesn't support open borders
  • Leans "a little towards social conservatism"
  • Is proud of Britain's past
  • Votes in some elections, but not others
  • Voted for the Conservatives in 2019, but is leaning towards Labour now

Speaking to the Guardian, Izabela Stuchlik, who runs Leavened Bakery in the indoor market, said: "Stevenage is very varied. You can’t say 'this is the type of woman that lives here'. That’s very unfair."

Nick Leech, chairman of Stevenage Conservatives, told the Comet: "If Keir Starmer cares about the ‘Stevenage Woman’ then he should convince his Labour-run Stevenage council to reverse their damaging decision to cut funding for children’s play schemes.

"‘Stevenage Woman’ will see the reality of Labour’s financial mismanagement on their family now that these much-loved play centres have closed.

"Conservative councillors put forward proposals to keep some funding for local children, but Labour rejected these, choosing to protect their taxpayer funded trips abroad instead.

"The key issues that the ‘Stevenage woman’, and all voters for that matter, care about are: reducing inflation, growing the economy, reducing debt, cutting NHS waiting lists and stopping migrant boat crossings. These are the people’s priorities and that’s why they are the Conservative government’s top priorities."

Stevenage parliamentary candidate for Labour, Kevin Bonavia, added: "I’m not interested in labels of people, but I am interested in what their concerns are.

"On hundreds of doorsteps across Stevenage I've heard from women and men of all ages and backgrounds with common worries about how they're going to pay ever increasing bills or get a GP or hospital appointment.

"People are looking for change and are interested in how Keir Starmer and Labour can make that happen. So I'm talking with them about Labour’s practical plans to help, such as freezing heating bills and council tax through a proper windfall tax on excess energy company profits, and training a new generation of doctors and nurses funded by ensuring those with non-dom status pay their tax in this country."

You can give us your thoughts on the idea of 'Stevenage Woman' below.