The play area in Stevenage Town Centre Gardens has been closed since summer 2022, with "a way forward" not yet decided, the borough council has confirmed.

A spokesperson for Stevenage Borough Council said: "The Town Centre Gardens play area has been closed since summer 2022 due to safety concerns resulting from the deterioration of the safety surfacing around the play equipment.

"We have received quotes for comprehensive repairs to the site, and we are having internal discussions regarding a redesign of the play equipment. Once we have decided a way forward, we will be able to provide further updates.


"In the meantime, the play area will continue to be inspected to ensure that appropriate signage remains up, and that items of equipment can be taken out of use if necessary.

"There are play facilities located at King George V Playing Fields, Bedwell Crescent and Market Place, which are the closest to Town Centre Gardens, and all remain open for residents to use."