Everyone Active will soon be beginning a new leisure contract with Stevenage Borough Council for the next 10 years.

The new agreement will begin on April 1, with the service provider taking the reigns from Stevenage Leisure Ltd - which held the contract for over 20 years. 

Everyone Active will manage Stevenage Swimming Centre, Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre - including the Gordon Craig Theatre - Fairlands Valley Aqua Park, Southfield Showground, Ridlins Athletics Stadium and Stevenage Golf Conference Centre.

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Improvements include a refurbishment and new equipment in the gym at Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre and upgrades to the changing facilities at Stevenage Swimming Pool.

In addition, energy investments through installation of LED lighting will be prioritised across all sites.

These projects aim to support the council's vision for leisure across Stevenage by providing attractive facilities available to the whole community and contributing fully to the health and wellbeing objectives of the council.

The Comet: Everyone Active's leisure contract for Stevenage will begin on April 1Everyone Active's leisure contract for Stevenage will begin on April 1 (Image: Everyone Active)

In addition, as part of the operator’s Community Health and Wellbeing Strategy, initiatives will be introduced such as free memberships for people living with Parkinson’s and cared for children.

Mark Leahy, regional contract manager at Everyone Active, said: “We’re very eager to get going on managing a variety of new facilities, including the theatre – the contract is a fantastic addition to our portfolio. 

“It’s an exciting prospect for the entire team in Stevenage and we’re keen to deliver an outstanding experience for the local community to enjoy at both our leisure centres and theatre.”

Leader of the council Richard Henry added: “Leisure, sport and culture is really important for the health and wellbeing of our residents.

“We’re looking forward to Everyone Active taking over the running of our leisure programme and facilities as well as providing a wide range of new innovative sports and amenities for people to use and take part in.”

To find out more, go to everyoneactive.com/YourNewStevenage.