An exciting new coffee kiosk is coming to Hitchin's Bancroft Recreation Ground next month.

The kiosk will be opening at the pavilion and will offer hot and cold drinks and ice cream, with customers able to takeaway or sit in the courtyard.

"This is a totally new venture for the council, there hasn’t been a café facility in the park before, but it will be similar to the kiosk at Howard Park in Letchworth," said Cllr Keith Hoskins, executive member for enterprise and arts at North Herts Council.

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"Though instead of an external provider, we will be managing the Bancroft Kiosk in-house using our experience of running North Herts Museum café in Brand Street.

"Whether you’re enjoying a trip to the park with family, catching up with friends or simply walking the dog, the Bancroft Kiosk is the perfect place to take some time out, relax and enjoy a drink in Bancroft Gardens.

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"We are really excited for the opening, which will provide an improvement to the park’s amenities."

The pavilion in Bancroft is split into three independent parts, one of which previously used for storage will become the kiosk with a service hatch.