A number of empty corrosive chemical containers and cooking oil barrels are the latest items to be fly-tipped in North Herts.

These incidents in Radwell and Barley follow the slightly more unusual fly-tipping of pigs’ ears in January and frozen chicken in September. 

Councillor Amy Allen, North Hertfordshire Council's executive member for waste and recycling, said: “We are working hard to catch anyone involved in these incidents. We treat fly-tipping very seriously and, not only is it disgusting to see, but it can pose a serious risk to wildlife.


“With the empty cooking oil drums, there is currently a market for stealing used oil and using it for heating and running vehicles. Barrels of used cooking oil are often stored outside restaurants, pubs and takeaways, so we are reminding businesses that they are responsible for managing their waste in the appropriate manner."

The Comet: Oil drums have also been dumped in North Herts.Oil drums have also been dumped in North Herts. (Image: North Hertfordshire Council)