Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has been told to "go back to the drawing board" over his plans plans for people from Herts to travel into the ULEZ.

Herts County Council has written a letter to Mr Khan, expressing concerns that his proposals would have detrimental financial impact on residents and businesses who cross the border into Greater London.

The Ultra-Low Emission Zone would see the introduction of a £12.50 charge to enter London, and fines of up to £180 for non-compliance.

"Consistent with our views expressed in the consultation we are not supportive of a scheme which is blatantly unfair to residents outside of London," said Eric Buckmaster, executive member for environment and waste at Hertfordshire County Council.

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"This is hugely regressive, hitting the poorest hardest, effectively targeting the least well off and the least likely to be able to replace their vehicle. The Mayor needs to go back to the drawing board.

"We do not accept that any signage, cameras aimed at fining our drivers, potentially up to £180 if they forget to pay the £12.50 charge, should be based in Hertfordshire.

"Cleaner air is a priority in Hertfordshire and with 2030 looming we welcome the long-standing commitment from Government to phase out petrol and diesel engines after this date.

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"In the meantime we should not be penalising those who can least afford it, particularly at this difficult time.

"Hertfordshire County Council supports the continued rollout of EV charging across the county and the uptake of electric and hybrid vehicles as we draw near to the 2030 deadline for petrol and diesel cars and would welcome any support for a wider scrappage scheme."