With temperatures set to plummet across the UK this week, could snow be coming to Hertfordshire?

The county is set to be hit with a cold snap as temperatures drop as low as -4°C, leading to plenty of rumours that a white blanket could fall in our area.

The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for snow and ice in Northern Ireland, northern parts of Scotland and western England on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with the rest of the week looking clear.

No weather warnings have been issued at all for Hertfordshire, or most of the UK, with a snowfall looking unlikely.

The freezing temperatures are expected to last until Thursday, before rising to a high of 8°C over the weekend.

"After a spell of wet and mild weather to start 2023, a brief cold spell will change the feel of our weather across the UK for a few days next week," said Helen Caughey, deputy chief meteorologist at the Met Office.

"As a northerly flow establishes, we’ll see temperatures decline with overnight frosts returning and the chance of wintry showers in the north. It will certainly feel cold in all regions too, with the northerly winds creating a notable windchill."