A stabbing and reports of alleged rape, sexual assault, violence, hate crime and suspected spikings have led Hertfordshire police to apply for a review of a Stevenage bar's licence.

Stevenage Borough Council's Licensing Committee will consider the premises licence of Lounge 72 in Stevenage High Street on Thursday after Hertfordshire police applied for a review following "multiple incidents of violence and disturbance" by customers.

Herts police say they have received more than 50 calls to attend Lounge 72 since the bar opened in summer 2021 - many for incidents of a violent nature.

Reported incidents have included a stabbing, violence, sexual assault, alleged rape, hate crime, indecent assault, possession of an offensive weapon, suspected spikings, theft, criminal damage and assault against an emergency worker.

Specific examples given by Herts police include an incident on October 1, 2022, when video footage emerged of a Lounge 72 customer performing oral sex on a topless butler in front of other customers at a brunch event in the cocktail bar's garden area.

Police sergeant Chris Adshead, said: "This event led to a lot of alarm and distress from those who attended, who described the very graphic events including oral sex acts and masturbation, some of which is captured in the footage.

"At no point are management or door staff seen to intervene. Staff on duty that day should have stepped in to stop the service of alcohol to those already intoxicated, and to protect public decency when it was clearly being compromised. It is inconceivable that there was no knowledge of events unfolding."

Later that same month, there was a stabbing outside Lounge 72, and the suspect had been in the bar, police say.

The following weekend, a further knife incident close to the bar caused police to close Lounge 72 for the night to ensure public safety.

In November, police say a customer's jaw was broken when he was punched by another customer.

Police have also pointed to Lounge 72 allowing customers to drink till they fall over, as well as to noise complaints, and to violence and disruption spilling out into the High Street.

Grounds for the premises licence review are for public safety, to prevent crime and disorder, to prevent public nuisance, and for the protection of children from harm, the police say.

Ps Adshead, Community Safety Unit Sergeant for Stevenage and North Herts, said: "Rarely, if ever, does one premises fail in so many areas of its responsibilities around the licensing objectives. However, in this instance, not only are the breaches great in number and range, but also compounded by their gravity in terms of safeguarding the public.

"Public safety cannot and must not be compromised, and the polices first sworn duty is to protect life and limb which is a responsibility that has become a reality in this situation.

"Ultimately, the police have lost confidence in the ability of the licence holder and the premises to effectively safeguard the public or uphold the responsibilities bestowed upon them."

A spokesman for Lounge 72 said: "The review is to take place due to concerns of Hertfordshire Constabulary about incidents that happened outside Lounge 72, not inside. We will continue to work with the police as best we can."