A Freedom of Information request from the Comet has revealed how much Stevenage Borough Council spends on its Bonfire Night fireworks display, Christmas lights switch-on, and other events.

The figures include the cost of materials, hire of external companies, and staffing.

The most expensive event in both 2021 and 2022 was the Christmas lights switch-on, which cost £25,750 in 2021 and £29,105 in 2022. In 2021, the event had to be abandoned due to high winds.

Meanwhile, the annual fireworks display cost £19,590 in 2021 and £22,217 in 2022.

Other events also had five-figure costs.

Stevenage Day in 2022 cost £13,567, while Stevenage Beach cost £10,000 - though this was externally funded through the government's Towns Fund initiative.

Stevenage International Day was the cheapest event of those we asked for figures on, costing £2,470 in 2021 and £2,360 in 2022.

The council tax base in Stevenage for 2022/23 estimated that 37,590 households would pay council tax.

That would mean that each household paid approximately £1.79 to fund this year's fireworks display, Christmas lights switch-on, Stevenage Day, and Stevenage International Day.

The 2022 Christmas lights switch-on alone cost approximately £0.77 per council tax-paying household.

Stevenage Borough Council receives £225.57 from the council tax paid by each band C household in 2022/23.