Environmental activist group Just Stop Oil are planning 'further disruptive activity' according to the Metropolitan police, following four days of protests on the M25.

Campaigners climbed and secured themselves to multiple gantries on the motorway, from November 7 to November 10.

Heavy traffic was caused at a range of locations including at Junction 23 for South Mimms, Junction 21A for Bricket Wood and Junction 20 for Kings Langley.


A statement released by the Metropolitan police read: "Just Stop Oil activities are planning further disruptive activity from November 28 to December 14.

"We're fully prepared. We will arrive quickly, deal with the situation efficiently, remove/arrest activists appropriately, and return things to normal as quickly as possible."

Following the four days of protest activity, a statement from Just Stop Oil explained that they were giving time for those in government to "consider their responsibilities".

The Comet:

The group's statement continued: "We ask that the Prime Minister consider his statement at COP27, where he spoke of the catastrophic threat posed by the ravages of global heating, the 33 million people displaced by floods in Pakistan, and the moral and economic imperative to honour our pledges...

"...Take the necessary first step to ensure a liveable future and halt new oil and gas.

"The UK Government’s failure to do so is a criminal dereliction of its fundamental duty — to protect and safeguard the lives of its citizens - and is an act of utter betrayal of billions of people living in the Global South.

"It is murder, plain and simple."

Lastly, the group warned of their intentions to cause further disruption.

The statement read: "Under British law, people in this country have a right to cause disruption to prevent greater harm — we will not stand by."