Officers in North Herts are investigating a series of catalytic converter thefts from cars in Hitchin and Letchworth.

The latest locations to be affected are Wilbury in Letchworth, with four offences being reported in just one week in November, and Walsworth in Hitchin, with three offences reported that same week.

Neighbourhood Inspector James Lant said: “Unfortunately, we are seeing an increase in reports of catalytic converter thefts and they are often hard to protect. In response, we are stepping up our patrols in the areas affected. There are also measures you can take, which will make your vehicle less vulnerable.”

Herts police say these measures include:

· Not parking your vehicle half on the pavement as it makes it easier for the thieves to get underneath it.

· Parking in a garage or other secure area if possible.

· Considering property marking your catalytic converter.

· Putting a sign in your window saying your catalytic converter has been marked.

· Buying clamps to secure your catalytic converter to your vehicle.

Herts police say models including pre 2008 Honda Jazz, Toyota Prius 2004 to 2016 and Toyota Arius 2012 to 2018 are more likely to be targeted. For more information, visit