A Stevenage woman has praised her "pain free" surgery, after it was carried out by a robot.

Sanaz, 40, attended Lister Hospital earlier this month to undergo a full hysterectomy and have her ovaries removed due to endometriosis - a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the womb grows in other places.


A "clinical decision" was made to use CMR Surgical’s Versius - one of the first times that the robotic system has been used at the hospital.

Sanaz said: "I was feeling a bit worried before as it was a major operation, but Mr Atalla is very experienced and was very reassuring – on the day I was more worried about having an anaesthetic than the actual surgery."

Mr Rami Atalla, a consultant gynaecology and obstetrics surgeon, was behind the robot's contols.

The Comet: Sanaz was home in two days following the surgery.Sanaz was home in two days following the surgery. (Image: East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust)

The patient continued: "Before I had an idea that the robot would do everything, but Mr Atalla operates it.

"I read that the top surgeons and hospitals in the world recommend this surgery as the recovery is a lot faster, and 10 times more accurate.

“Considering it’s very complicated surgery which took five to six hours, my recovery has been amazing. I was told I could be home in three to five days, but I was home in two.

"The surgery was pain-free and I haven’t been in much pain afterwards – I thought it was going to be a lot worse.

The Comet: The East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust first adopted robotic technology in 2008.The East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust first adopted robotic technology in 2008. (Image: East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust)

“I feel very lucky and thankful to the NHS and Lister Hospital for acting so quickly.

"Within three weeks of my situation becoming more urgent I was given an appointment, and the care – from the pre-operative team to the neatness of the stitching – has been amazing.”

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust – which runs Lister Hospital – was an early adopter of robotic surgery, beginning with the urology department in 2008.

Three robots are now employed across four specialities in the Trust.

Mr Atalla added: “It is easy to use, with the surgical instruments wristed at the tip – mimicking the movements of my own hands.

"This allows for greater precision and better outcomes.

“The surgery is also less invasive for our patients which, as Sanaz’s case demonstrates, means quicker recovery times.”

CMR Surgical’s general manager for the UK and Ireland, Ana Raduc, commented: "It's fantastic to see the progress East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust has made with its Versius surgical robotics programme.

“It's a pleasure to be partnering with them and we look forward to continuing to see improved patient outcomes through enhanced access to minimal access surgery enabled by surgical robotics, and a more comfortable quality of working life for their surgical teams."