Six-part teen drama Tell Me Everything launches exclusively on ITVX - ITV's new streaming site replacing ITV Hub - on Thursday, December 8.

Based on show writer Mark O'Sullivan's own experiences growing up in Welwyn Garden City, the series centres on Jonny Murphy, played by Eden H. Davies.

Jonny lives with his family above a pub in Welwyn Garden City.

The full series drops on ITVX on Thursday, December 8.

The Comet: Tell Me Everything on ITVX. Pictured: Lauryn Ajufo as Neve, Spike Fearn as Louis, Eden H. Davies as Jonny, Tessa Lucille as Regan, Carla Woodcock as Zia and Callina Liang as Mei.Tell Me Everything on ITVX. Pictured: Lauryn Ajufo as Neve, Spike Fearn as Louis, Eden H. Davies as Jonny, Tessa Lucille as Regan, Carla Woodcock as Zia and Callina Liang as Mei. (Image: ITVX, DRAMA REPUBLIC)


Spoiler alert: Here's an episode guide to Tell Me Everything.

Episode 1

It’s the last weekend of the summer holidays and Jonny is ready for a big night out with his two best friends, Neve and Louis.

Jonny and Neve, partners in crime, are over-excited and go hard on the rides (and the drugs), while sober Louis nervously worries about how their night will turn out.

The Comet: Lauryn Ajufo as Neve, Spike Fearn as Louis, and Eden H. Davies as Jonny in ITVX's Tell Me Everything.Lauryn Ajufo as Neve, Spike Fearn as Louis, and Eden H. Davies as Jonny in ITVX's Tell Me Everything. (Image: ITVX, DRAMA REPUBLIC)

They try to befriend Regan and Zia but end up embarrassing themselves and being brushed off.

On the walk home, as they approach Jonny’s family pub, they see his dad being stretchered into an ambulance.

Unbeknown to Neve and Louis, Jonny has a secret that only his dad really ever understood.

So when his dad - the one person he could talk to honestly - suddenly dies, Jonny’s struggles intensify. He has a chance encounter with new girl, Mei, who tells him she understands because her dad also recently died.

The Comet: Eden H Davies as Jonny and Clare Calbraith as Ann in Tell Me Everything.Eden H Davies as Jonny and Clare Calbraith as Ann in Tell Me Everything. (Image: ITVX, DRAMA REPUBLIC)

After an outburst from Jonny at his dad’s funeral, and some sexually charged, awkward encounters at the wake, Neve and Louis are concerned about him.

This intensifies when they start to doubt if he told them the truth about where he was over the summer...

As everything gets on top of Jonny, he climbs the church tower by his house, where Mei finds him distressed. But it’s not immediately clear whether she’s going to be a force for good in his life, or a catalyst who makes things to go from bad to worse?



Episode 2

The Comet: Callina Liang as Mei and Eden H. Davies as Jonny in Tell Me Everything.Callina Liang as Mei and Eden H. Davies as Jonny in Tell Me Everything. (Image: ITVX, DRAMA REPUBLIC)

Mei’s recently moved back to Welwyn from Canada after her parents’ marriage broke down. She knows there’s something her mum, Jing, isn’t telling her about her dad but when she finds out, Mei takes teenage rebellion to the next level.

Meanwhile Jonny’s insomnia has got worse since his dad died, plus he’s now anxious he was too honest about his inner struggles with Mei.

Neve’s phone goes missing, and someone starts messaging her drug dealer, Pineapples, pretending to be her. Who is messing with her? Someone has it in for Neve and she doesn’t know why.

Louis’ dad is away for the weekend, so Jonny and Neve persuade him to have a party and to invite Zia. Unfortunately, the party is a bit of a flop but Mei salvages the night by driving the gang to a local club.

At the club, Jonny is increasingly intoxicated by Mei’s dangerous side, and realises he can trust her with his secrets. Louis thinks his chances with Zia are screwed because he doesn’t drink or do drugs, and worries he isn’t “cool” enough for her.

Having learned the truth about her dad, Mei decides to take matters into her own hands, but the consequences are far worse than she could have ever imagined.

Jonny can’t help his growing feelings for Mei, can’t stop thinking about her. He’s hooked, but will Mei finally come clean to him about her lies...?


Episode 3

Louis wants to be treated like a grown up by his friends and his dad, Gareth. With his 17th birthday approaching, he is also desperate to lose his virginity before the big day.

Neve persuades him to ask Zia out, and Zia says yes, leaving Louis simultaneously thrilled and terrified. Jonny gives Louis some unconventional advice about sex, as does Gareth.

But when the moment comes with Zia, will the pressure get too much or will he manage to lose his virginity before turning 17?

Jonny and Mei are loved up, he’s happy and feeling better than he has in a long time. His mum, Ann, is concerned he’s spending too much time with Mei, and his brother Andrew is frustrated by their loud sex.

To get away from them, Mei books her and Jonny into a hotel, but when she reveals how she paid for it, Jonny’s moral compass is tested.

Mei encourages Jonny to have a lock-in at the pub for Louis while his family are away. As the night starts, Jonny feels like he’s taken on his dad’s role as pub landlord.

But after Jonny makes a speech for Louis’ birthday that compromises their friendship, and as the lock-in gets more and more out of control, even Jonny is forced to question the influence Mei is having on him.

Regan and Neve hang out together, and Regan tries setting Neve up with her friend Saj. But when Neve is disinterested in him, Regan works out Neve might have romantic feelings for someone else.

After the carnage of the lock-in, Jonny’s family don’t want him to see Mei any more. Jonny promises he won’t, but will temptation get the better of him?


Episode 4

The Comet: Lauryn Ajufo as Neve in Tell Me Everything on ITVX.Lauryn Ajufo as Neve in Tell Me Everything on ITVX. (Image: ITVX)

When Neve’s strict parents go on holiday to Nigeria, Neve is delighted at the prospect of being home alone. Until her sister Timmi shows up, sent by their parents to babysit her.

Neve is sick of living in Timmi’s shadow – Timmi is hugely successful and their parents have her on a pedestal. Even Neve’s teacher hopes Neve will be the face of the college open day – just like Timmi was. So Neve is delighted to discover Timmi might not be as perfect as everyone thinks.

Jonny, in shock after finding the truth out about Mei, numbs his pain by smoking weed. He avoids Mei and tells his friends they’ve broken up.

Neve is secretly pleased with this news. Since things went horribly wrong with Zia, Louis wants to be a more adventurous version of himself, and agrees to bunk off college with Neve and Jonny.

They get high in a supermarket where Louis meets Sarah. But when he wakes up in her flat the next morning, with no recollection of what happened and the worst hangover of his life, Louis worries about how to resolve the situation.

The gang go to an illegal rave; Neve loves having Jonny’s sole attention, but when Mei confronts him about what’s really going on, Neve realises Jonny hasn’t been being honest with her.

Jonny, more confused than ever, puts Neve in a difficult situation with dangerous consequences for her. Having seen Jonny in a new light, Neve is forced to question just how good a friend he is to her, but is the damage already done?

Jonny’s mental state deteriorates and he finds himself wandering about town in the middle of the night. As dark feelings overwhelm him, his mind plays tricks on him – will he be able to pull himself back from the brink?


Episode 5

Regan has to be very organised as her gran’s carer. But her gran now needs a professional, which is how the chaotic Jaz arrives in their lives.

Regan is unsure of Jaz and resents how much her gran is enjoying her company. The gang have to attend a careers fair. Neve signs up to a volunteering programme and meets Marcus, who patronises her, but who she can’t help liking. Zia impresses PR-hotshot Sasha and bags herself a trial internship.

Meanwhile, Louis starts a part-time job at a local gym where he meets Kyle, and much to his surprise, they have an instant connection.

Having ended up in hospital, Jonny reassures the doctor he will take better care of himself, and this time he means it. He decides he wants to take over the family pub, but a shock revelation from his brother turns Jonny’s plans on their head.

Shattered hopes for the future send Jonny down a dark road online. But will anyone see, before it’s too late?

Reeling from Jonny’s rejection, Mei is intrigued when she’s asked out by Brett. But is Brett really the nice guy he seems to be?

Regan enjoys Jaz’s company more than she expected and lets her guard down. Jaz encourages Regan to have some fun by throwing a small party for her friends, which is also an opportunity for Regan and Jaz to get to know each other better.

But as the party hots up, things don’t go as planned for either of them. Neve is thrilled when Marcus shows up, but Marcus sees a side of Neve he doesn’t like.

Meanwhile, Louis’ relationship with Kyle takes an unexpected turn. At the party, an explosive argument between Mei and Jonny reveals some shocking truths about them both to the group. Jonny is left in a worse place than ever before.


Episode 6

After hitting rock bottom, Jonny finds himself in therapy and seems to be on track to getting better. However he’s frustrated his family still can’t talk honestly about their emotions.

Mei isn’t honest with her mum about what happened with Brett, and declares she wants to move back to Canada. A cruel meme of Mei is going round college and Jonny is forced to either keep quiet or use this as his opportunity to finally stand up for her.

Jonny finds out a family secret, which causes him to question if he’ll ever be able to improve his mental health, and when Mei tells him she’s going back to Canada, Jonny is faced with a decision: to stay and face his problems head on, or run away with the one person who seems to really understand him.

At the local bonfire night, Louis finds himself torn between his longstanding feelings for Zia and new entanglement with Kyle. Neve gives Marcus an ultimatum that forces him to see her in a new light.

Mei finally faces her demons but is unaware that Brett’s obsession with her has only got worse. And Jonny finally realises the truth of his feelings – only this time it’s too late.