Steve Evans has backed the words of fellow League Two manager Nigel Clough in saying the World Cup in November is wrong.

Speaking to BBC Radio Nottingham, the Mansfield Town boss said having the finals in Qatar was "inappropriate" and should not have been shifted from its usual July slot.

Clough said: "I certainly don't agree with the venue and the timing.

"I know it has to be played at this time because of the climate, but that all fits in with it being inappropriate as well as all the other moral issues that have arisen.

"I think the World Cup should be like the FA Cup and reserved for a special time in the summer when all the football leagues are having a break.

"You associate it with a summer competition. Even in England, people are watching it outside on screens and in pubs and here we are in the depths of winter.

"It won't feel the same, because you don't associate it with that.

"I hope if people are missing the Premier League and Championship, they get out to see their League One, League Two or non-league team, watch live football that way."

The Comet: The plane carrying England to Qatar featured a motif of Oscar, Virgin’s LGBTQ icon who wears rainbow-coloured laces. Picture: JOE GIDDENS/PA The plane carrying England to Qatar featured a motif of Oscar, Virgin’s LGBTQ icon who wears rainbow-coloured laces. Picture: JOE GIDDENS/PA (Image: Joe Giddens/PA)


Evans echoed those words and sentiments.

The Stevenage boss said: "It shouldn’t be in November and December, should it? We all know the reasons why and we perhaps understand the reason why they got the World Cup. 

But Nigel Clough’s words were very succinct and he probably outlined the reasons more than me. 

"There are other issues. The England team demonstrated that really well by flying out on a Virgin plane that was liveried up. 

"All of us in the UK are open minded to what people do in the world. We don’t live in a closed world. 

"But the World Cup is going to take place and while I’m a Scotsman, I’ve been in England for 30 years and I want them to do well because it has a massive spin-off in everything else that happens in football. 

"And we hope to have a spin-off locally. The Premier League closes down and there are going to be a lot of withdrawal symptoms out there. 

"We can help and so if you want to come and help support us try and become a League One club, then great. 

"Ultimately though, we’ll all watch it and the time of the games should suit us."

The Comet: Joe Jordan celebrates scoring for Scotland. Picture: PAJoe Jordan celebrates scoring for Scotland. Picture: PA (Image: PA)

He laughed when asked about his personal memories of past tournaments, saying the qualifying matches brought more pleasantness than the actual finals themselves.

He said: "My memories are being one of 100,000 people at Hampden Park to send the team off to Argentina under Ally McLeod. 

"He was so good. He convinced all of us to be in Hampden, not to watch a game, just to wave the players away. 

"And [Argentina 78] was a disaster for Scotland. 

"My memories of the World Cup are about enjoying the first week because we didn’t usually get a second week. 

"I remember the qualifying stages. Who can forget Joe Jordan’s diving header at Hampden, 10 minutes from time against Czechoslovakia to send us through to the 1974 finals, or Kenny Dalglish’s goals or the performances of Graeme Souness and Billy Bremner. 

"The whole echelons of the qualifying were better for us because the finals have never really been good."