Just Stop Oil has announced that it has stopped its protests on the M25, following four days of heavy traffic.

The environmental campaign group released a statement at 6.19am this morning (Friday, November 11), explaining that it will give time for those in government to "consider their responsibilities".


Campaigners have climbed and secured themselves to gantries on every day of the week so far, with some arrested and charged as a result.

The group's statement read: "Take the necessary first step to ensure a liveable future and halt new oil and gas.

"The UK Government’s failure to do so is a criminal dereliction of its fundamental duty — to protect and safeguard the lives of its citizens, and is an act of utter betrayal of billions of people living in the Global South.

"It is murder, plain and simple."

The environmental group also warned of future protests: "Under British law, people in this country have a right to cause disruption to prevent greater harm — we will not stand by."