Proposals for boundary changes to the electoral wards overseen by North Herts District Council have advanced. 

The Local Government Boundary Commission, an independent body, has drawn up plans for the new boundaries and invited residents and local organisations to have their say before they are finalised. 

Under the proposals, there will be two additional councillors and 20 of the 24 wards would see their boundaries change. 

The proposed changes are especially significant in Letchworth.

Letchworth East would be replaced by Letchworth Norton, with the current ward split between Norton and South East. 

Council and Conservative proposals for Letchworth East, West and South wards were overlooked in favour of plans supported by the North East Herts Constituency Labour Party and the Green Party, which propose two large wards, Letchworth South East and South West. 

This proposal avoids the Lordship area being divided and placed in a ward with the Jackmans community. 

Meanwhile, Wilbury Road would form the boundary between Letchworth Grange and Letchworth Norton, while the southern part of Cowslip Hill would be in Letchworth Wilbury.  

Residents and local organisations have until January 9, 2023, to give their views here

Professor Colin Mellors, chair of the Commission, said: “We want to make sure these new electoral arrangements reflect communities. We also want them to be easy to understand and convenient for local people. Residents and local organisations can help us do that.”