Final plans for boundary changes to electoral wards in Stevenage have been published. 

The Local Government Boundary Commission, an independent body, has announced its final recommendations for Stevenage, which will now be laid before parliament. 

The boundaries of all 13 wards in Stevenage will change, with the aim of making the number of electors in each ward roughly equal. They will take effect from the 2024 Local Elections. 

Old Town ward will see the most substantial changes, with a number of roads to the east of Letchmore Road, including Haycroft Road and Whitesmead Road, being moved to Almond Hill ward. 

However, Old Town ward will also expand slightly southwards of its current boundary. It will include roads that were formerly part of Bedwell, including Lytton Way and areas around the Leisure Park. 

These changes are being made despite objections from local residents, who wanted to remain in Old Town ward. 

One change that has been made following the consultation is to move 102-132 (even numbers) Walkern Road into the Old Town ward. Previously, they would have become part of Almond Hill. 

Some roads that are currently in Manor ward will become part of Chells, including parts of Mobbsbury Way and those roads to the west of it including Drakes Drive. 

Some changes were made to Longmeadow ward following the consultation, with Glenwood Close, Oakwood Close and Taywood Close previously remaining in Shephall but now moving to Longmeadow. 

Following representations from local councillors, some wards will also be renamed. Bandley Hill ward will become Bandley Hill & Poplars, and Pin Green ward will become Almond Hill. 

However, the Boundary Commission rejected a proposal from Liberal Democrat councillors to change the name of Woodfield ward to Coreys Mill. 

A map of the proposed changes to the current boundaries is available here

Professor Colin Mellors, chair of the commission, said: “We are very grateful to people in Stevenage. We looked at all the views they gave us. They helped us improve our earlier proposals. 

“We believe the new arrangements will deliver electoral fairness while maintaining local ties.”