A consultation has opened on the possible introduction of 20mph speed limits on some roads in Stevenage. 

Hertfordshire County Council is looking for residents to give their views on the proposals, which would see 20mph limits introduced on 24 roads in wider Stevenage and 34 roads in Great Ashby. 

The changes would mainly be on residential streets including Manchester Close, Cherwell Drive and Calder Way, and would aim to reduce “the likely potential of injury accidents” and “to create an environment to encourage more walking and cycling.” 

According to Roadwise, pedestrians struck by cars travelling at 30mph are eight times more likely to be killed than those struck by cars travelling 10mph slower.

The consultation documents state that “average vehicle speeds have recently been measured and are sufficiently low to enable a 20mph zone to be established without the need for traffic calming measures”. 

The consultation is expected to have two stages. This stage will help finalise proposals, and closes on November 11. Residents are asked whether they support the plan, and are given the opportunity to comment. 

Plans will proceed if there is a 25 per cent response rate to the initial consultation, and the majority of respondents are in favour of the scheme. 

There will then be a second consultation with a site notice and plan, which is intended to take place in January 2023. 

Cllr Phil Bibby, executive member for highways and transport, said: "The introduction of 20mph areas is a priority for Hertfordshire County Council, and we have come up with a list of just over 500 potential schemes, which are now being prioritised according to need and impact. 

“Great Ashby is an area where the council and I consider it important to install such limits and reduce speeds to make our streets safer, particularly for those who wish to walk and cycle, and improve air quality. 

“The council has committed £7m towards the cost of implementing this important programme across the county, but it is keen to consult on particular schemes to encourage feedback from residents.” 

You can respond to the consultations on the council’s website