Bim Afolami MP has shared his views on the "deeply concerning" reports of overcrowding on Pirton buses.

The MP for Hitchin and Harpenden met local residents at an event on Friday (October 21), in Pirton Village Hall.

Almost 50 parents and students met with the MP to discuss overcrowding on the Centrebus 89 bus route.

This service regulary transports children from the village into Hitchin for school on weekdays.

Bim Afolami MP commented: "It is vitally important that children in Pirton have a safe and accessible public transport option to get to school in Hitchin – particularly as the village expands.

"I am deeply concerned by reports of overcrowding on the 89 bus route at school times and I will be taking this up with Hertfordshire County Council."

Recent housing developments and the cancellation of a private bus service to Hitchin's priory school have recently increased the pressure on the Centrebus 89 bus route.

The MP continued: "Residents have told me that they need action and I have heard them.

"I will work with colleagues in both local Government and Westminster to secure funding for an additional service at peak times for school transport to improve safety for local children in Pirton.”

Cllr David Barnard added: "As the local county councillor for Pirton I am striving to ensure that private bus operations keep to their contractual obligations with adequate sized transport and no cancellations.

"I will continue to work alongside Bim and the Conservative administration at County Hall to ensure that Pirton’s children have access to the high-quality bus services that residents expect.”