The Market Theatre heads into autumn and the Halloween period with an appropriately eerie play, Too Late.

Running until November 12, Too Late is about two women played by actresses Grace Gallagher and Nicola Hurst, both with individual problems who come face to face in a mysterious house for the first time.

They accept each other but must solve their issues before time runs out.

Writer/director Kirk Foster said: “It’s very difficult to say any more about the plot without giving things away, but as this is one of our ‘scary’ plays it will of course have jumpy moments and certainly won’t be one for the faint-hearted!”

The Market Theatre originally presented this play in October 2020 as they reopened after the first lockdown, but sadly it closed after just two weeks with the second lockdown in November 2020.

Theatre manager Glyn Doggett explained: “We are delighted to bring this play back and give it a proper run and with a new cast and director.”

The Comet: Grace Gallagher and Nicola Hurst star in Too LateGrace Gallagher and Nicola Hurst star in Too Late (Image: The Market Theatre)

This time the production is directed by long-time Market Theatre performer and teacher Carrie Bunyan, who has a number of TV and theatre credits to her name, including EastEnders, and has performed in and directed many plays at the Market Theatre in Sun Street over the years.

Kirk said: “We know the cost-of-living crisis is increasingly making it harder for people to afford things like live entertainment, so we hope we offer a reasonably priced night out and we’ve ensured our ticket prices remain low with prices starting at just £12 a ticket for Too Late.”

He continued: “All our performances are around an hour long too, so if you’re looking to have a meal or drink in town at one of the many brilliant local bars or restaurants, pop along and see our show beforehand and make it part of a night out!”

Performances run Thursday and Friday nights at 7.30pm. and Saturday nights at 7pm, with Thursday a concession night for seniors and students.


For more information or to book for any of the Market Theatre’s forthcoming shows, visit or call the box office on 01462 433553.