Swift action has been taken by a cocktail bar and entertainment company after video footage of oral sex involving a topless butler and a customer at a brunch event emerged on social media.

Lounge 72 in Stevenage High Street advertised The Chocolate Men event, held at its venue earlier this month, as topless dancers, one-hour of bottomless punch and optional brunch.

However, Lounge 72 said it was "disgusted" when video footage emerged of a customer performing oral sex on one of the topless butlers in front of other customers in the cocktail bar's garden area.

A spokesperson said: "This was not supposed to be anything other than a tasteful experience for our customers.

"We were not aware of the incident in the garden area until videos were posted on social media.

"We had future dates booked for them to attend which we removed from

our calendar straight away.

"We were disgusted by their behaviour and will not be having them back at our venue.

"We would like to apologise for any distress caused."

The Comet: A video taken from the garden area emerged following the brunch event.A video taken from the garden area emerged following the brunch event. (Image: Louise McEvoy)

Louis Francois, co-owner of The Chocolate Men, said: "The Chocolate Men group does not condone the incident that happened at Lounge 72 with the performer who was in that video.

"I've been running The Chocolate Men for more than five years and nothing like this has ever happened before.

"It involved one individual, and I sacked the performer as soon as I found out what had happened. There's zero tolerance for that kind of behaviour.

"The brunch show is not a strip show, it's just topless butlers, games and competitions. At an event where women have an hour's access to bottomless punch, there is no stripping whatsoever. It's a violation. The performers are not even allowed to take their trousers off at brunch events.

"What happened is wrong on so many levels. It's not what The Chocolate Men are about at all.

"The brunch guys are not strippers or showmen. The brunch guys are topless butlers and are there for eye candy and to serve food.

"The guys who perform at our evening shows are performers/showmen who are strippers and fulfilling fantasies. It is all about the music, the dance and the art form. The moment a woman touches you in the wrong part, the bubble is burst and the fantasy is ruined.

"I sincerely apologise and reiterate that the performer was sacked immediately and will never work for us again."

A spokesperson for Herts police said: "We have been made aware of an incident at Lounge 72 in Stevenage on October 1, which we are investigating as an offence of committing an act of outraging public decency."