As autumn approaches and pests begin to seek refuge in the warmth of our homes, it’s more important than ever to pest-proof your carpets.

But if you’ve discovered more than you expected during a deep clean, don’t worry. We sit down with expert technician, Daniel Neves from Inoculand Pest Control in London to talk about what steps to take to prevent an infestation.

Below, he tells us more about the pesky critters that can damage your floors and what you can do to stop them.

1. Moths

While moths generally opt for living outside, they choose to lay their eggs somewhere warm with lots of food for the larvae to survive. Carpets and rugs are the perfect locations – moths thrive on the natural fibres they find in homes, which is why they can prove to be a troublesome pest in the UK.

How to prevent an infestation:

  • Add some drops of lavender essential oil (which acts as a natural repellent) to water in a spray bottle, shake well and spritz over the carpets each time you vacuum.
  • Regularly vacuum the carpet, especially the edges (and lift any broken corners to remove dust or dirt). Make sure to move furniture from their usual spots to hoover under there too, as moths prefer undisturbed spaces.
  • Take any rugs outside and shake them out.
  • Empty your vacuum bag frequently to reduce the build-up of dirt.
  • Ensure your rooms are well-lit and you let sunlight in wherever possible, as moths choose darker areas to lay their eggs.

How to treat an infestation:

  • Spray the carpets with a non-staining moth-killer spray, waiting 30 minutes before then vacuuming the infested area. Repeat this several times for intense infestations.
  • Use carpet moth traps on your floors and rugs to prevent them from laying eggs.
  • Contact a professional pest controller. We use heat treatment to instantly remove moths and their eggs, from any place in the home where they may be hiding.

2. Carpet beetles

Aside from flying into the home, carpet beetles can also access your space via plants brought inside, second-hand furniture or pre-contaminated fabrics. When in your home, these pests can wreak havoc, causing considerable damage to your carpets and belongings.

How to prevent an infestation:

Check your loft for old bird nests, as these are a particular favourite spot for carpet beetles to settle.

As with moths, vacuuming the space is also great to keep carpet beetles away.

How to treat an infestation:

  • Vacuum the affected area immediately, before steaming all carpets and fabrics within the room.
  • Try using pesticides in the infested area to kill any remaining beetles.
  • To prevent an infestation from spreading throughout your home, consult a pest technician. At Inoculand, we use fogging machines to generate a mist that’s safe to use on your soft fabrics and furniture and reaches every nook and cranny, to fully remove the problem.

The Comet: Vacuum your carpet regularly to help prevent a carpet beetle, moth or ant infestation.Vacuum your carpet regularly to help prevent a carpet beetle, moth or ant infestation. (Image: didesign021)

3. Ants

Ants tend to enter the home in search of food, and can be slightly harder to deter.

How to prevent an infestation:

  • Thoroughly mopping up spillages, sweeping away food debris and vacuuming all areas of the home (particularly ones where food is eaten) is the best way to discourage ants.

How to treat an infestation:

  • Pour boiling water around the ants' nest outside to kill it.
  • Follow this up by pouring ant killer onto the area. You can also try bait traps.
  • Contact our ant exterminator service. The gel treatment we use is odourless, and colourless and leaves no visible traces on your property. It’s a thorough and effective method for remedying a troublesome ant problem.

The Comet: After having fun in the kitchen, it's important to wipe up spills and sweep away crumbs to prevent ants.After having fun in the kitchen, it's important to wipe up spills and sweep away crumbs to prevent ants. (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

4. Fleas

A flea infestation is often brought into the home by pets, but will quickly affect other areas in your house, such as where your pets sleep and in the carpets.

How to prevent an infestation:

  • Remain consistent with your pet’s required flea treatment to deter fleas from going near them.
  • Brush your pet regularly and check their skin (particularly if they have thick fur).
  • Keep the spaces your pet spends time in clean and tidy.

How to treat an infestation:

  • Vacuum the whole carpet thoroughly, disposing of the bag immediately afterwards.
  • Contact our professional team for tips and advice on the most effective pest removal method to help you resolve the issue quickly and easily.

For any serious infestations, you should contact a pest control expert who will be able to help secure your property.

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