Households in Stevenage with SG1 and SG2 postcodes were left without running water for several hours on Thursday, October 6.

Affinity Water posted an alert on their website at 5.35pm, stating: “We’re really sorry you haven’t got any water.

"We don’t know what’s causing this, but our technician is on their way to your area to find out."

Residents were asked to avoid using their washing machines and dishwashers.

An update posted at 7.45pm confirmed that the lack of water was caused by a burst water main on Monkswood Way.

By 11pm, water had been temporarily redirected to ensure that all affected households could access it while repairs were conducted. Repairs were completed by 8am on Friday, October 7.

At least 83 streets were affected, including Broadhall Way, Broadwater Crescent, Monkswood Way, Peartree Way, Shephall Green and Six Hills Way.