Dead fish have been removed from a "neglected" pond in Letchworth, which is now being tested to determine the issues.

An eye-witness initially pictured the incident - near Avenue One - on Sunday, September 4.

In the photographs, dead fish could be seen lying on the surface of the water, along with multiple discarded objects.

The eye-witness told the Comet: "All the locals were outraged that it [the pond] was neglected and all birds and fish were dead...Total neglect."

%image(15854112, type="article-full", alt="Dead fish have been pictured on the surface of the pond.")

The Letchworth Heritage Foundation, which is responsible for the pond, has affirmed that it was constructed to be "purely ornamental" and is not designed for fish.

The Foundation also claimed that fish have been introduced to the pond without the its knowledge or permission.

Despite this, the organisation has now launched an investigation into the cause of the pond's issues.

%image(15854111, type="article-full", alt="Discarded items were also photographed in the water.")

A spokesperson for The Foundation told the Comet: "When the pond was originally implemented, it was designed and constructed as a purely ornamental pond with absolutely no intention or purpose for having fish in occupancy.

"The fish have been introduced over the course of time by other parties without the knowledge or permission of the Heritage Foundation.

"That being said, we fully understand the upset this will have caused and are determined to do our best to ensure it does not happen again in the future.

%image(15854115, type="article-full", alt="The Letchworth Heritage Foundation has affirmed that the pond was constructed to be "purely ornamental".")

"There are a number of factors which could have caused the issues at the pond and we are working hard to find out the cause and prevent any future problems.

"Our contractors closed the pond to remove the fish and test the water to understand the problem, as well as looking at other potential causes."

Another eye-witness has detailed the pond's issues.

%image(15854116, type="article-full", alt="The Foundation has now launched an investigation into the cause of the pond's issues")

They told the Comet: "My partner has visited that pond for over 20 years, and he told me over the years it's just generally got worse and worse.

"There used to be a lovely little jetty and fountain, and there was a really beautiful little pond...

"...Now, around it the grass has been cut and the bushes trimmed occasionally, but the pond has been left wild...

"...The hogweed has flourished during the summer heatwave, cutting off all oxygen to the fish and suffocating them."