An animal rescue centre in Arlesey is organising a music festival to raise funds for its work.

Like many other pet rehoming charities, Luna Animal Rescue is having to cope with rising demand for its services, with some people giving up their ‘lockdown pets’ and others finding themselves unable to look after their pets properly due to the cost of living crisis.

Animal foster carer and Luna volunteer Jade Green said: "Joining the team just before the pandemic, I thought I'd seen the worst of it, but this year has presented itself to be one of the most difficult yet.

"Every animal rescue you look at is falling apart at the seams and having to shut their doors because they just don't have the space, money or resources anymore, and the amazing people that keep these places going are exhausted and burnt out.

"Not only does Luna Animal Rescue still desperately need money coming in to keep our doors open, we also want to be able to fund keeping people and their animals together."

The Comet: Magik is a kitten who was rehomed by LunaMagik is a kitten who was rehomed by Luna (Image: Jade Green)

The Pet Homelessness Index estimates that more than one million cats and dogs are homeless in the UK, and this year the RSPCA has seen a 24 per cent rise in the number of pets being abandoned.

Luna Animal Rescue is also looking to start a neutering campaign. Part of the rise in demand for rehoming is caused by cats failing to be neutered, because their owners cannot afford the cost of the operation which can cost more than £100.

Luna’s main priority, however, is placing the animals it receives into foster homes so they can be looked after in a caring environment while awaiting their long-term families.

Jade has personally fostered and helped rehome 55 animals, and said that “it can be exhausting and emotionally draining, but you’re changing a life, sometimes saving, and that makes it all so worth it”.

The Comet: Hal is another dog that has been helped by LunaHal is another dog that has been helped by Luna (Image: Jade Green)

To help boost Luna's funding, Jade has organised an Oktoberfest music festival, with a line-up that includes Balstock organiser G LaRoche.

It will take place at the Brewery Tap in Shefford on Saturday, October 1, starting at 1pm.

Tickets cost £5 on the door, and more information can be found on the event’s Facebook page. Luna would also welcome any donations, which can be made via its website.

Pet owners struggling to feed their animals in the cost of living crisis can also take advantage of Luna's ‘animal food bank’. If this applies to you, email for help.