A WOMAN who was queen of the dancefloor and had a marriage which only lasted two hours is celebrating her centenary.

Marjorie Robertson will reach her 100th birthday on Monday and is expecting around the same number to join her for the occasion at Roebuck Nursing Home in Stevenage.

Marjorie, who grew up in London before moving to the town in 1954, has been speaking to the Comet about her life and sharing words of wisdom.

“When I married my first husband in 1939 we went to church but two hours later he had to leave to go to war,” said Marjorie, who was one of seven siblings but never had children herself.

“Everyone was crying at the time and he never came back. We had a flat but we never got to stay in it together.”

Having carried out book keeping during World War II, Marjorie had a number of different jobs, including working for a butchers and photographic company Kodak, as well as being employed as a clothes model.

Her greatest love has always been ballroom dancing, a hobby since the age of 18 which she shared with her three husbands, winning countless trophies.

Although no longer gliding across the dancefloor, it is something that has never left her.

“A few years ago I dreamt that I was asked to go on X Factor,” said Marjorie, who no longer has her dancing trophies as she donated them to a Stevenage church.

“I sang You’ll Never Walk Alone and everybody clapped. But I never got to find out from the judges how I did as I was woken up.”

And her secret to reaching the milestone?

“You’ve got to keep your brain working and stay with it,” said Marjorie.

“I can’t believe I’m going to reach 100 but I’ve always been active and you get back what you put in.”