A LORRY driver has revealed himself on ebay to raise money for charity.

The Comet: Jamie Deakin taking a picture of himself wearing his wife's dress, which he will be putting on again tomorrowJamie Deakin taking a picture of himself wearing his wife's dress, which he will be putting on again tomorrow (Image: Archant)

Jamie Deakin was listening to the radio during a night shift when he heard about the misfortune of Aimi Jones, who accidentally posted a picture of herself semi-naked on the auction website.

The Comet: The winning bid of £205 was made on ebayThe winning bid of £205 was made on ebay (Image: Archant)

Miss Jones, 21, had taken a shot of her mustard-colour dress and put it online to sell last week without realising that a mirror reflection showed her in just a bra.

The story attracted worldwide media attention and after Miss Jones reposted the item, the dress reportedly sold for more than £100,000.

Jamie, of Ellis Avenue, Stevenage, said: “Just as I finished work I heard how much the dress had sold for.

“I was a little bit sleep deprived when I took the photo and put it on Facebook.

“Everyone went crazy for it. People were sharing the photo on other websites and passing it on to their friends.”

Since then his wife Claire has posted the picture showing her under-dressed husband posing behind her leopard-print dress on ebay.

The winning bid of £205 was made yesterday (Thursday), and will be donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The Deakins chose the charity as two relatives have been helped by the children’s hospital in London.

The family’s efforts have raised around £400, with Jamie becoming something of a local celebrity.

The 32-year-old said: “I went to the hairdressers on Friday and was telling them about it, one of the staff said he had seen it.

“And when walking down the town people keep asking why I’m not wearing my dress.

“Claire did say to me, ‘why did you pick that dress?’ as it’s one of her favourites but it’s hanging up in my wardrobe now. I just find the whole thing hilarious.”

After breaking the £200 barrier, the father-of-four has agreed to wear the dress at the Royal Oak pub in Stevenage tomorrow night (Saturday) but will go one step further if more money is raised.

“If it makes £500 I’ll go to the pub wearing a wig too and I might even stretch to some high heels as well,” added Jamie.

To make a donation directly to Great Ormond Street Hospital send a text message to 70070 followed by LEOP64 and the amount – either £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10.