A CARING mother has been nominated as a parent in a million.

Dawn Farmer, who lives in the Great Ashby area of Stevenage, has two children aged four and five-years-old, but Charlie, her eldest, suffers from a rare genetic mitochondrial disorder which will limit his life.

Friend Lisa Leonard, who nominated Dawn explained that up to the age of six months Charlie was a normal child and then he started to have febrile convulsions. By 10 months he was fitting constantly.

The disorder has also affected his motor skills so he is now in a wheelchair.

She said: “It’s been heartbreaking to see this family bring a normal healthy child into the world and see that child deteriorate.

“Dawn has been amazing, she has shown the strength not only to overcome life with a child who may not survive many years but she has had a regular battle with doctors and authorities to maintain the right care for Charlie.”

As well as caring for Charlie, Dawn tries to create a normal life for her daughter Evie but Lisa knows that sometimes it can be a struggle just to do the school run.

She added: “Dawn is relentless in the lengths she will go to make sure every day of Charlie’s life is the best he will have – she deserves to be recognised.”

The Comet Community Awards aim to recognise inspirational people, and this year’s 12 award categories include Role Model of the Year, Charity Champion, Good Neighbour, Young Achiever, Teacher of the Year, and Great and Green.

The deadline for entry is 5pm on Friday, April 26.

Finalists for the 2013 awards will be invited to a ceremony at Icknield Centre, Letchworth GC, on Friday, May 17, where winners in each category will be crowned.

If there’s someone you think deserves to be recognised, visit www.cometcommunityawards.co.uk and fill in the form.